Anatomy of Birthstones

Birthstones are strongly related to the zodiac signs and people use them having strong belief on their historical myths. There are the personalities across the world that wears the birthstones only for the adornment intentions and they don’t like to do any debate on their potential, mystical and magical effects.

Birthstones are assigned to the people according to their date of births. These stones are presented as a gift to the loved ones on some precious occasions like birthday, marriage anniversary and scoring unheard achievement in the life.

Birthstone Jewelry

These birthstones are used in jewelry and known as birthstone jewelry. It is used in the various types of jewelry that is here below

  • Birthstones Rings
  • Birthstones Necklaces
  • Birthstones Bracelets
  • Birthstones Earrings

Difference between Birthstones and Gemstones

All birthstone are minerals means natural crystals but why the word gems or gemstones is used for these naturally gifted entities. According to geological knowledge gem has no definition in the geological dictionary but we can say that gem is not natural human formation of naturally occurring crystals. Minerals come into existence because of naturally occurring processes that happens in the rocks. When these birthstones or natural crystals are cut into diverse shapes and polished called gemstones and in the next step when these gemstones are fixed into various metals for personal adornment they are called jewels and that adornment piece is called jewelry item.

Birthstone Colors

There are twelve months in a year and each month is associated with a gemstone. You can choose your stone with the knowledge below that matches with your date of birth. The birthstone colors are dynamic according to their classification month wise and the attributes are also variable depending on the month for which they are dedicated.