A Complete Guide about the Aries Birthstone

What is Aries Birthstone?

Aries Birthstone is April birthstone dedicated for those people who have date of birth between March 21st and April 20th and associates the fire element of zodiac. The Aries have high compatibility with Leo and Libra with ruling star Mars and are at the first position in the zodiac system and that own sign of RAM that tries to make every action possible with the energy of its head.

Before going into the depth of knowledge about the April Birthstone, we want to familiarize our audiences about the traits of Aries that are

  • Aries are found very courageous people in their professional lives and they have scored unheard achievements and that they own possible little to no personal anxiety while performing any professional task.
  • They have natural ability to win every competition that comes in their life. They exert their energy with dedication to score the victory.
  • Aries are considered as the zodiac babies and are found very honest and trust worthy.
  • Aries are generous personalities and dedicate themselves to bring simile to others faces. They feel pleasure to guide their competitors but in the competition, they never compromise on victory.
  • Very energetic people and happily exert their energies to the dedicated tasks morning till evening.
  • Aries do a lot of struggle for home improvement affairs and act like King and Queen.
  • They live with natural generous interest and take part in charity to keep happy and smiling face others. 

MEANING OF Aries Birthstone 

Diamond is Aries Birthstone and according to the Cambridge dictionary it has the meaning

a transparent, extremely hard precious stone that is used in jewelry, and in industry for cutting hard things”

The dictionary defines the characteristics of April Birthstone in two parts, the first one is related to the personal adornment and second one is part of industry.

Aries Birthstone Color

A diamond, Aries birthstone is allotropic form of carbon element. The formation of this stone is because of the arrangement of the carbon atoms in dynamic style of face-centered cubic crystal structure known as diamond lattice.

Chemically a pure diamond is colorless with no hues. The variation in Aries birthstone color is due the chemical impurities and structural glitches in the crystal lattice. Depending on the impurities that exist in the diamond value of diamond can be high or detract. For instance the value of pure white diamond is lessened when more yellowish hue is detected in it. On other hand the pink and blue diamonds have high price in the market. Red diamond is the rarest among all the diamonds. Aries Birthstones exist in variety of colors; white, steel gray, orange, red, yellow, green, pink, purple, brown, and black. Color diamonds have impurities and structural defects while a pure Aries Birthstone Color is transparent and colorless.

What is Diamond?

As we have already explained that diamond is Aries Birthstone and allotropic form of carbon. Having a solid form, atoms in diamond are arranged in crystal structure known as diamond cube.  Diamond has highest level of hardness and thermal conductivity among the naturally found elements. Because of this fact, it is also utilized in cutting and polishing tools in the industry. Two types of impurities that are boron and nitrogen elements tarnish the stone. The color variation in diamond is because of these two impurities.

Diamond Colors

Diamond naturally exists in dynamics colors that are white, blue, red, orange, green, steel gray, white, yellow and black. Color diamonds has some structural impurities that are absent in the white or colorless diamond. The diamond colors with their detail description are given below

Brown Diamond

It is most common color found in naturally occurred diamonds. This is less beautiful color but its importance in industry is very high. In the western world it is also recognized as the chocolate diamond.

Orange Diamond

In orange diamond, nitrogen atoms are organized in array of groups. This organization comes into existence after the right formation of diamond. This sequence of nitrogen atoms absorbs yellow and blue spectrum of light and finally orange color in diamond is produced.

Yellow Diamonds

The formation of yellow diamond is similar to the orange diamond and this color is due to arrangement of array of atoms of nitrogen. It is an attribute of this color that it owns orange, brown or green variable colors. Its primary source was South Africa.

Green Diamonds

The occurrence of green color in diamonds is not less than a magic and it got this beautiful color when it visits near the surface of earth where radiations are found. These radiations penetrates into the diamond causing to absorb red and yellow colors of natural light spectrum and finally green color in diamond is produced. The green color is found in the Africa and South America.

Good Effects of Aries Birthstones

By keeping knowledge of Aries Birthstones help in normalization of life. Wearing diamond keeps the person in relational bond that also have the same range of birthstones. Diamond is with multiple positive effects and the most prominent and admirable is the improvement of Aries love and Relationships. During the hard time of life these birthstones brings luck, enhance beauty, charm, assist in problem concerning to brain. The most prominent property of this birthstone is the infusion of gradual and slow bravery. Diamond dish up personality a novice and charming look with it is wore with jewelry.

Lucky Number

Research has revealed that 9 is the luck number assigned to the Aries. Mutual effects of this birthstone and number are positive attitude and luck. No doubt the persons who are born between 21st March to 20th April possess some negative qualities but these negative qualities are overcome by the diamond. Aries are performing prominent jobs in the society as a good businessman, media industry and as soldier.

Besides the above mentioned characteristics of Aries, color also has immense relation with persons who are in the range of this star. Each Zodiac sign has its own color but the use of a particular color with knowledge invites luck. April Zodiac sign is most popular color is red. The people of this star can use clothes in red color for good attire.

In Zodiac system some days are considered as lucky days and for Aries Tuesday is the luckiest day of the week for wedding, business planning and positive outcomes of life.

No doubt Aries Birthstones are full of energy and have power to create a harmony between heart and mind.

Aries birthstones develop an optimistic energy in the persons who wear it. These birthstones are full of benefits for good relation. For more detail visit to our website.

Aries Birthstone Jewelry

There are dual concepts for wearing the Aries Birthstone Jewelry, first concept is for adornment and most of the wearers don’t know the potential benefits of these gemstones and second concept is for to have obscure benefits that nature has embedded in these birthstones.

Aries gemstone jewelry is very beneficial if the wearer keeps the healing crystal on his body during the day for his help to use its vibration