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Unknown and Dynamic Facts about August Birthstone

What is August Birthstone?

August Birthstone is dedicated to individuals having date of birth between 23 July and 22 August. Its ruling planet is Sun, a prominent planet of the solar system. Its element is Fire and sign is Lion or Leo. As the gem owns Leo sign, therefor named as Leo Birthstone.

Introduction to August Birthstones

Three August Birthstones with summarized introduction are given below:

  1. Periodt is birthstone has well introduction because of its discovery in molten rocks of the upper mantle instead of surface of earth.
  2. Spinel is gemstone that was used as ruby mistakenly by many Kings of the countries. It is a crystal of octahedron shape, exhibits look of back to back pyramids.
  3. Sardonyx was discovered more than 4000 years ago and it is known as real birthstone.

Meaning of August Birthstones

Step by step meaning of three Leo Birthstones are explained below:

  1. The word peridot was discovered from Arabic word “faridat” means gem. It is a semi-precious mineral owning olive color. Its name is also derived from the French word “peritot”.
  2. Spinel word arrives from Latin having meaning “spinella”. It exists in cubic form.
  3. According to British English, it is jewel with reddish brown and white parallel bands.

August Birthstone Color

Now from here to onward we will describe only one of above jewels, peridot. The color of this August gemstone is green. Among some particular gemstones, it is one that has only one prominent color. A little bit variation in the color is seen due to amount of iron present in the crystal structure. Finally we can say, the color variation in sole mineral jewel is varied from yellow to olive, to brown.

August Birthstone Color Potential

August Birthstone in olive color mix green rays of growth with natural light of sun, a moment of progress, nobility and wisdom. It cultivates potential, generates new ideas, and develops paths to wisdom and nobility. It generates a strong desire to seek knowledge and understanding.

Olive Peridot delivers a potential energy, a milestone for understanding of natural universe, and struggles that are the basic necessity for absorbed concentration, determination and patience for mental objections.  This stone in deeper tones assists for higher judgment and recognition.

August Birthstone Aims and Uses

August Birthstone-Peridot is very advantageous for tuning the owners’ cycles, such as somatic cycles, cognitive or psychological phases. It grows a sense in a person to diagnose his negative emotions and also generates a stimulating tone in him for realization of success. In short by wearing Peridot one can remove all negative barriers of his life.

A stone of metamorphosis, it is found useful to recover from tobacco addiction. This jewel is wound healer and an ideal for discharging cognitive issues that leave very negative effects on the body. It cures an ingredient of jealousy, and self-doubts with patience and forbearance. It stimulates the positive energies and assists ones to bury his negative past.

Wear the jewel in gold for mental tranquility that will gift you a calm and deep sleep free from nightmares about evil spirits and sexual attacks.

Peridot is very useful in balancing the endocrine system, most specifically the adrenal gland that supervises the physical energies and behaves as tonic to make the body stronger and energetic.  This stone saves the body from digestive diseases by aiding the functionality of the gall bladder, liver and pancreas.

Owning the Leo Birthstone for long duration is the best solution for psychological disorder, especially it generates harmony for bipolar mental imbalance. It is awesome assistance for depression.

There is no alternative for this gem that is amazing for betterment of emotional tenderness and cleaning the heart by reducing grudge and annoyance. It develops characteristics of learning from past and paving the roads for bright future. It develops confidence in the owner and teaches the lesson of happiness by forbearing oneself or others.

August Birthstone permits one to manage and change wearer’s life for discovering new roads of progress. It generates deep love and emotions that can be used for absorbed meditation to access everlasting energies.


August birthstone is remedial agent for abdominal diseases. Wearing it for long period balances mental disorder and it can generate plethora of dynamic energies in one’s life.

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