Wonderful Birthstones Colors

Today it is tradition to use a piece of birthstone in jewelry that is used on various occasions. Birthstones are classified because of their properties that are colors , cut ,clarity and carat weight. Here is very genuine question, how can you judge the quality of birthstones? According to my knowledge and experience one can judge the gemstones because of 4 C’s that are given below

  • Color- This property of stones show the quality and value
  • Cut- This property is related to various shapes and styles like Pear, Round, Marquise , Heart Shaped
  • Clarity- Level of clarity describes the absence or presence of flaws that are present in the gemstone.
  • Cara Weight – This property is used to measure the weight of the birthstone.

The gemstones that are occurring naturally are classified because of their rarity and value. The information below is the milestone in this concern.

  • Blue color in birthstones is because of an important ingredient called Boron that brings change in the conductivity level of the gemstone.
  • Red, Pink and Brown Colors are due the main defect cause by the crystal lattice at time of formation of birthstone
  • Purple color is in the stone because of iron and manganese
  • Yellow Colors is very attractive in the stones and this is because elements Nitrogen that also changes the conductivity level of the gemstone
  • White Colors- the most attractive gemstone like diamond and topaz are white in color. These stones are transparent in color.
  • Green Colors – this colors is the gemstones because of emission of the of the radiations form naturally occurring radioactive elements.

Birthstones colors are formed because of some natural scientific reasons that are impurities and structural deficiencies. Absorption and emission of wavelength also affects the birthstone colors.  In reality the components are cause of variation in gemstones.

  • The first impression in birthstones is because of hue.
  • Tone of the color is related to lightness and darkness of the color
  • Saturation is related the level of emission of the radiations from gemstones

Fluorescence and color enhancements are the other factors that affect birthstones colors. These two properties are in the gemstones because of the factors high pressure, temperature treatment and irradiation. A special mechanism is adopted to change the color of birthstones that is called irradiation. There are some colors that are created by the human beings in the laboratories that are called Synthetic colored gemstones. These are also called artificial gemstones.

Ancients people used to believe that gemstones has strong healing power and this energy is mainly concerned with ruling planet of a particular person. These gemstones are related to the months of a year. The birthstones colors are related with the events that have happened in the history.