Miracles of Cancer Birthstones

Cancer star ranges from 22 June to 23 July. Its sign is crab. People who born under this sign possesses variable personality and are receptive and plastic natures. It is very easy to influence or impress these personalities. Cancer people are with high persistence. Often opportunities are lost by these people because of change of their mood that sometimes positive and sometimes negative.

Cancer personalities are equally happy either they are in agreeable company or left alone. These persons are imaginative and often keep themselves reserve in many of occasions. These are mysterious ones and have keen interest in mysticism. History has shown that many cancerians have been composers and writers. The recommended occupations for cancerians are: artists, authors, musicians, and politicians.

What are Cancer Birthstones?

Cancer birthstones are the stones that are referred to only people that have caner their star. Below are the names of cancer birthstones along with their details.


This birthstone lies in the list of cancer birthstones. It is naturally made of sodium potassium aluminum silicate. Ancient civilizations have started using stone in jewelry. Romans have strong belief that it is born from the very solid rays of moon. They have also admired it a lot. Today French jewelers are using this stone in jewelry at wide range.

This birthstone if formed of two species orthoclase and albite. This scatters at different angles when falls on this stone.

Moonstones were found in various regions of the world namely Armenia, the Austrian, Alps, Mexico, Norway, Poland, India, and Sri Lanka.


Pearl is June as well as caner birthstone. It has been used in jewelry for centuries. Pearl jewelry is thought one of the best jewelries since the commencement of the history. Roman Empires used to like this gemstone a lot. Pearl maintains their natural beauty and requires no polishing. In 1920 cultural pearls were introduced and were replaced by the natural pearl.

Pearl is not seen in pure white but it seen white with the shades of pink, green, and blue colors. Pearl formation is because of tear of love goddess

Pearl stone is sign of spiritual perfection, arts and inspiration. To some extent it is also considered in the range of feminine stones.

Some wearers have strong belief that it is sexual energy booster and also cure the ear disease. Pearl is also sign of wisdom and happiness


It is one of the most magnificent gemstones and has the place of queen in all stones and this stone is worn by the kings. Ancients used to consider it more valuable than diamond. It is also one of the most powerful gems in the globe with signs of love, peace and contentment.

Ruby also cures some diseases for example it dish up the remedy to the flow of blood and assists in normal blood circulation. It is also considered the best in the cure of infection.

Ruby color ranges from vermilion to red but the most demanding color is pigeon’s blood that is pure red with signs of blue color. It is found in Burma and Thailand.