A Complete Understanding of Virgo Birthstones

What is Virgo?

In literature the meaning of Virgo is virgin but on another hand it is the sixth sign of zodiac. It’s symbolic notion is feminine similar to a lady that is graceful, very caring and dutiful. Most of the people that belong to this star are very sincere to their families and loved one. These people also feel the worries of all those that have deep relation with them. Male and female of this sign are equally a joy as they can be a pain. Because of this symptom they are considered as negative in their attitude to some extent.

Virgo is earth sign and because of this feature they have personality that has qualities like mother earth. This refers to them the most caring, loving, gentle and responsible individuals but these groomed personalities will always expect you to follow their strict set of rules that is their main focusing area. These people are well organized and well behaved that is why they make their set of rules.

What are birthstones?

Birthstones has association with months and zodiac signs. These stones are usually used in jewelry that is used for personal adornment. Birthstones have deep concern with the health, fate and future of the person who wear it. Some people think that if a birthstone is matched with ones personality, he is one of the luckiest persons of the world.

What Care is required in Use of Birthstones?

Always use those birthstones that are related to your birthstones. It has experimentally seen that un matched birthstones can’t show pleasant effects on the persons who wear these stones. Choose those birthstones that are the exact match of the date of birth of the wearer.

What are the Virgo Birthstones?

All those stones that lie between August 23 and September 22 are known as Virgo Birthstones. List of these birthstones is given below


As Virgo has its root in the month of August and Carnelian is in the list of the stones that are in the month of August and is Virgo birthstone. This stone is translucent red in color. When dark red carnelian is used in the jewelry it is named as Sard.


It comprises of two minerals that are jadeite and nephrite. Chemically these two minerals are unrelated but the stone is considered as green that is inferior in quality. But nephrite with yellow and white colors has very high cost. Jade is sign love and virtue.


This birthstone has power to balance negative and positive energy. This stone is also known as spiritual Virgo birthstone and is available in colors green, yellow, white and black.

Moss Agate

This Virgo birthstone has ability to bring calm and focus in all those Virgos who sometimes become nervous.

Blue Sapphire

This birthstone is of second hardest mineral that is available in various colors including red that is called ruby. This stones internally enlighten the personality and fights for depression and inner peace. This blue color birthstone is also Virgo Birthstone.


This is lucky stone for Virgo. This is often seen in yellow colors but this birthstone helps in improving personality.


This Virgo stone delivers the magical powers in the wearer. This birthstone is transparent and has very close resemblance with the diamond.