Unknown and Dynamic Facts about August Birthstone

August Birthstone is Leo Birthstone with zodiac sign rules by the Sun, a prominent planet of the solar system. Leo personalities have date of birth between 23 July and 22 August. According to mythical knowledge Leos own some attributes that are

  • The personalities that are born under the sign of Leo are by birth leaders
  • Having high level confidence in their emotions, they utilize their creative energy to maximum to keep themselves dominant  with determination in the areas where they plan their work
  • Leos are very loyal and generous for their friends
  • Being self-confident and attractive personalities, they have natural ability to create a bond among the various groups and provide them environment so that they can work for a shared task.

Introduction to August Birthstone

Peridot is August Birthstone dedicated for Leo personalities. Peridot was originated from the French word peritot meaning gold as this rocky crystal has dynamic color properties. It is one of the best gifts for 16 years of the marriage anniversary. It is national gem of the Egypt. For long time Peridot have been called with the name “an Evening Emerald” when a beam of artificial green light was focused on it, it was used to start glow green.

One legend concerning to August Birthstone-Peridot defines the level of sincerity and frees one’s mind from aspiring thoughts that create hurdles in relations. Moreover, it considered that it protects one’s from the evil eyes and along with this trait it invites happiness to the wearers.

Several resources are witness about the healing ability of the August Birthstone and the myth explains that many small vessels like cups were prepared from Peridot to use the medicinal liquid to achieve high level results.

Mystical and Magical Powers of August Birthstone

Like other gemstones, there are fables that are related with August Birthstone Color. Many people think that Peridot color has strong relation with body organs. Yellowish green color is very useful to cure the liver diseases and also very effective in providing remedy to the indigestion problems of stomach. Further this special Leo Birthstone Color is heals illness such as ulcer and constipations. Insect bite has very irritating effects for the sufferers, Peridot is found good to reduce the effect of insects bite.

August birthstone with yellowish green color is wonderful in regeneration of the tissue, curing the metabolism and in delivering benefits to the skin.

Psychological sufferings are the problems that are not often diagnosed and cured by the experienced physicians but Peridot wearers have blessed with relief from this psychological disease. It is found amazing to control the negative emotions and proved good in delivering remedy to the depression sufferers. It maintains one’s personality to balance level by promoting positive energies in the wearers and acts as barrier to progress the negative emotions in one’s personality.

Wearing Peridot ring establishes a state of calmness in the owner that further proves good in promoting sleep. In addition to this ability it is well known and beneficial for control of anger and in enhancing mental tranquility.

Physical Properties of August Birthstone

August Birthstone, Peridot exists with distinct physical properties having oily luster. August birthstone color is yellow green, green having golden tone or simply light green. The green color of the peridot is due to the presence of the iron in the stone, for deep green color of the birthstone, small amount of the iron will be in the August Birthstone. Peridot possess a natural attribute concerning to color, its color brilliance is from moderate to high is natural.

Native Properties of Libra Birthstones

This is our research based article and all information in this article is posted with care. Moreover first we will deliver some information about the Libra and later on in this article we will focus on the Libra Birthstone. Date of Libra starts from September 22 and its ending date is October 23. It is seventh sign of Zodiac that is scales with element air with birthstones Opal and Tourmaline. The alternative birthstones for Libra are Peridot , Agate Aquamarine, and Sapphire. Its ruling planet is Venus.

Meaning of October Birthstone

October opal birthstone defines quality of faithfulness and truthfulness in the personality of owner. Meaning of opal birthstone is precious jewel and Cambridge Dictionary defines the meaning of this gemstone in the following words

“a precious stone whose colour changes when the position of the person looking at it changes”

It means that Opal Birthstone is dynamic color wise.

In every era of history human beings have been facing a lot of distraction because of their busy schedule and they were always in search of peace and mental tranquility. So, controlling the temper and welcoming the happiness also lies in potential characteristic of this gemstone.

Various types of ornaments are prepared with the gemstones and these are named as birthstone ornaments.

Libra Birthstone Color

The beauty and charm in Libra Birthstone is because of it color. The Libra Birthstone are found in the following colors

Transparent Olive Green Color

In this color the prominent Libra birthstone Peridot exist. Nature has gifted this birthstone the power to reduce the stress and cure the negative emotion. It is just like medicines for all of its wearers.

Golden Stone

Topaz is genuine Libra Birthstone. It has yellow colors or golden stone. Nature has embedded a magical power in this birthstone like healing the intellectual power of the wearer and to make the life more beautiful. It dishes up the true love for marriage life and drive away the worries of life like sadness, anxiety and fear. The one who wear it enjoy the real moments of life.

Libra is balance. The people that belong to Libra know how to balance the opposites. Libra learning is towards mental reflection, balancing and decision making. The ruling planet over Libra is Venus with characteristic of equilibrium and justice. With these effects Libra people are always good in relations and very cooperative. Libra develops a sense of cooperation with his partner instead of competition. Because of proportional nature of Libra, it develops intelligent spiritual love with its partner.

There are some positive concerns of Libra that are diplomatic and charming. Love and peace is their first precedence so the people that born in this sign are very social and loving. Libra people also have some negative concerns that are indecisive nature, variable behavior and have very less patience. Libra people always hate the rough and dirty work and start search to perform it in beautiful manner if it is necessary.

Libra birthstone is Tourmaline. This Libra birthstone is very helpful to the people to overcome the limited and narrow way of thinking and also helps them a lot to change their mental approach a lot. This birthstone reminds us that we are the people with bright ideas and over mental and creative energy is always growing. Because of Libra birthstone people can develop physical, mental and spiritual energy in them. They are also social and positive.

The Libra birthstone that is Tourmaline exists virtually in all colors. These crystals exit in two colors or multi colors and in rare cases their existence is seen as colorless. Tourmaline has deep concern with all energy centers – chakras. The main function of the tourmaline that benefits human body a lot is cleaning and charging of electromagnetic system of human body.

Tourmaline is very powerful energy wise. This Libra birthstone dishes up remedy the Libra people to cure the blockage that is the result of stress and confusion. It brings peace and clarity in the life of wearer. This crystal gives energy to our nervous system, heart and regulates the blood flow.

The different types of Tourmaline are given below

  • Watermelon Tourmaline
  • Indicolite Tourmaline
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Rubellite Tourmaline
  • Verdelite Tourmaline

Pisces Birthstones for Emotional Personalities

In our article we will first discuss the astrological view of Pisces then we will forward towards the research based knowledge of Pisces birthstones.

Informative Knowledge about Pisces

Pisces people have date of birth from February 19 to March 20. It is the 12th that is last astrological sign with symbol of fish. Fish survive in water that is why this star has element of water. The favorite days of this astrological sign are Thursday and Monday with greatest compatibility with the Cancer and Scorpio. Its ruling planet is Neptune. The best for marriage and partnership for Pisces is Virgo. The colors for this astrological sign are mauve, lilac, purple, violet, and sea green.

The Pisces personalities are artistic, gentle, wise, artistic, compassionate and musical but on other hand these people are seen as sad, fearful and escape from reality. These people love swimming, music, a lot of sleeping and romance. On the other hand they dislike cruelty and any type of criticism. These people most of the time focus negative aspect of anything instead of positive aspects. These people are generous and emotional and very popular in their social network.

Informative Knowledge about Pisces Birthstones

The Pisces Birthstones can only deliver their potential benefits to only those wearers that are Pisces. These birthstones act as charm or lucky stone for those people who are in the list of Pisces horoscope. These birthstones also support to the natural interest of Pisces individuals. The emotional nature of the Pisces is balances by the Aquamarine. No doubt Aquamarine has many healing properties. Below in this article we will focus on multiple properties of Aquamarine.

Research has proved that Pisces birthstone that is Aquamarine has shown many balancing effects at various occasions of life. Pisces birthstone has also dished very good and striking affects on physical, mental and emotional aspects of life.

Pisces birthstone (Aquamarine) boosts the positive qualities in the Pisces. It helps the person to behave in more friendly, faithful and courageous manner. The emotional nature of Pisces is controlled by the Aquamarine. The stones are good for healing of nerve pains, gland trouble and infections.

There is another Pisces birthstone that is Amethyst. This gemstone is semi precious with unique color of violet. Traditionally this is the birthstone of those people that have their date of birth in the month of February. This gemstone brings prosperity for the wearers as it has deep concern with the issues related to money. This gemstone is also beneficial for the people who often do long journey by saving then from theft and losses. The feature of this Pisces birthstone is to invite contentment, happiness, and peacefulness. It is used to increase the intelligence level and enhance the physic power of brain.

Aries Birthstone- A Sign of Luck and Prosperity

Aries birthstone is the birthstone of leaders. Aries birthstones are for those lucky persons who born between the dates March 21st to April 20th. In range of Zodiac symbol Aries has RAM. It is astrological sign in zodiac and its Zodiac element is fire. Mars is a planet that rules on Aries.

The core and ruling stone of Aries is Diamond that is used in industry as well as for personal adornment. Research has proved that Aries Birthstones have very positive characteristics. Diamond is name of luck as it brings happiness and luck, prosperity and happiness to the persons who wear this gemstone. Aries are the persons who are always optimistic and bring peace and prosperity for those who have close relation with them. In a house Aries flower always accumulate positive energy and create a strong bond of relationship. Honeysuckle is flower of Aries. This is sign of blessing and its presence in a house, improves the family members life.

Meaning of April Birthstone

The most popular stone of Aries is diamond and according to Cambridge dictionary this April Birthstone meaning is

a transparent, extremely hard precious stone that is used in jewelry, and in industry for cutting hard things”

From meaning of April Birthstone it comes to us that it has dual characteristic. One trait that is related to industry is already mentioned. Now we will focus on other dominant effects of this gemstone.

The Aries Birthstone people have no fear in their personalities and they are fond of adventures and love to live fearless life. They are dominant and leads the other people

Aries birthstones diamond wearers are the personalities that are born leaders that have natural ability to take the charge. They possess naturally strong power to drive the people on the path of success and finally they score victory in very cumbersome circumstances. They are situation handlers.

They are often a good boss are always respected by their senior bosses and junior colleagues because of their professional worth that is earned due to good decisions. In short we can say that Aries Birthstone Meaning is “ a birthstone of leaders”

When you regenerate April birthstone meaning, it will sure come in your mind that they don’t hide or run away when under pressure situations arrive. They accept the challenges and handle the situation and finally score victory.

Good Effects of Aries Birthstones

By keeping knowledge of Aries Birthstones help in normalization of life. Wearing diamond keeps the person in relational bond that also have the same range of birthstones. Diamond is with multiple positive effects and the most prominent and admirable is the improvement of Aries love and Relationships. During the hard time of life these birthstones brings luck, enhance beauty, charm, assist in problem concerning to brain. The most prominent property of this birthstone is the infusion of gradual and slow bravery. Diamond dish up personality a novice and charming look with it is wore with jewelry.

Lucky Number

Research has revealed that 9 is the luck number assigned to the Aries. Mutual effects of this birthstone and number are positive attitude and luck. No doubt the persons who are born between 21st March to 20th April possess some negative qualities but these negative qualities are overcome by the diamond. Aries are performing prominent jobs in the society as a good businessman, media industry and as soldier.

Besides the above mentioned characteristics of Aries, color also has immense relation with persons who are in the range of this star. Each Zodiac sign has its own color but the use of a particular color with knowledge invites luck. April Zodiac sign is most popular color is red. The people of this star can use clothes in red color for good attire.

In Zodiac system some days are considered as lucky days and for Aries Tuesday is the luckiest day of the week for wedding, business planning and positive outcomes of life.

No doubt Aries Birthstones are full of energy and have power to create a harmony between heart and mind.

Aries birthstones develop an optimistic energy in the persons who wear it. These birthstones are full of benefits for good relation. For more detail visit to our website.

Aries Birthstone Jewelry

There are dual concepts for wearing the Aries Birthstone Jewelry, first concept is for adornment and most of the wearers don’t know the potential benefits of these gemstones and second concept is for to have obscure benefits that nature has embedded in these birthstones.

Aries gemstone jewelry is very beneficial if the wearer keeps the healing crystal on his body during the day for his help to use its vibration

Wonderful Birthstones Colors

Today it is tradition to use a piece of birthstone in jewelry that is used on various occasions. Birthstones are classified because of their properties that are colors , cut ,clarity and carat weight. Here is very genuine question, how can you judge the quality of birthstones? According to my knowledge and experience one can judge the gemstones because of 4 C’s that are given below

  • Color- This property of stones show the quality and value
  • Cut- This property is related to various shapes and styles like Pear, Round, Marquise , Heart Shaped
  • Clarity- Level of clarity describes the absence or presence of flaws that are present in the gemstone.
  • Cara Weight – This property is used to measure the weight of the birthstone.

The gemstones that are occurring naturally are classified because of their rarity and value. The information below is the milestone in this concern.

  • Blue color in birthstones is because of an important ingredient called Boron that brings change in the conductivity level of the gemstone.
  • Red, Pink and Brown Colors are due the main defect cause by the crystal lattice at time of formation of birthstone
  • Purple color is in the stone because of iron and manganese
  • Yellow Colors is very attractive in the stones and this is because elements Nitrogen that also changes the conductivity level of the gemstone
  • White Colors- the most attractive gemstone like diamond and topaz are white in color. These stones are transparent in color.
  • Green Colors – this colors is the gemstones because of emission of the of the radiations form naturally occurring radioactive elements.

Birthstones colors are formed because of some natural scientific reasons that are impurities and structural deficiencies. Absorption and emission of wavelength also affects the birthstone colors.  In reality the components are cause of variation in gemstones.

  • The first impression in birthstones is because of hue.
  • Tone of the color is related to lightness and darkness of the color
  • Saturation is related the level of emission of the radiations from gemstones

Fluorescence and color enhancements are the other factors that affect birthstones colors. These two properties are in the gemstones because of the factors high pressure, temperature treatment and irradiation. A special mechanism is adopted to change the color of birthstones that is called irradiation. There are some colors that are created by the human beings in the laboratories that are called Synthetic colored gemstones. These are also called artificial gemstones.

Ancients people used to believe that gemstones has strong healing power and this energy is mainly concerned with ruling planet of a particular person. These gemstones are related to the months of a year. The birthstones colors are related with the events that have happened in the history.

Miracles of Cancer Birthstones

Cancer star ranges from 22 June to 23 July. Its sign is crab. People who born under this sign possesses variable personality and are receptive and plastic natures. It is very easy to influence or impress these personalities. Cancer people are with high persistence. Often opportunities are lost by these people because of change of their mood that sometimes positive and sometimes negative.

Cancer personalities are equally happy either they are in agreeable company or left alone. These persons are imaginative and often keep themselves reserve in many of occasions. These are mysterious ones and have keen interest in mysticism. History has shown that many cancerians have been composers and writers. The recommended occupations for cancerians are: artists, authors, musicians, and politicians.

What are Cancer Birthstones?

Cancer birthstones are the stones that are referred to only people that have caner their star. Below are the names of cancer birthstones along with their details.


This birthstone lies in the list of cancer birthstones. It is naturally made of sodium potassium aluminum silicate. Ancient civilizations have started using stone in jewelry. Romans have strong belief that it is born from the very solid rays of moon. They have also admired it a lot. Today French jewelers are using this stone in jewelry at wide range.

This birthstone if formed of two species orthoclase and albite. This scatters at different angles when falls on this stone.

Moonstones were found in various regions of the world namely Armenia, the Austrian, Alps, Mexico, Norway, Poland, India, and Sri Lanka.


Pearl is June as well as caner birthstone. It has been used in jewelry for centuries. Pearl jewelry is thought one of the best jewelries since the commencement of the history. Roman Empires used to like this gemstone a lot. Pearl maintains their natural beauty and requires no polishing. In 1920 cultural pearls were introduced and were replaced by the natural pearl.

Pearl is not seen in pure white but it seen white with the shades of pink, green, and blue colors. Pearl formation is because of tear of love goddess

Pearl stone is sign of spiritual perfection, arts and inspiration. To some extent it is also considered in the range of feminine stones.

Some wearers have strong belief that it is sexual energy booster and also cure the ear disease. Pearl is also sign of wisdom and happiness


It is one of the most magnificent gemstones and has the place of queen in all stones and this stone is worn by the kings. Ancients used to consider it more valuable than diamond. It is also one of the most powerful gems in the globe with signs of love, peace and contentment.

Ruby also cures some diseases for example it dish up the remedy to the flow of blood and assists in normal blood circulation. It is also considered the best in the cure of infection.

Ruby color ranges from vermilion to red but the most demanding color is pigeon’s blood that is pure red with signs of blue color. It is found in Burma and Thailand.

A Complete Understanding of Virgo Birthstones

What is Virgo?

In literature the meaning of Virgo is virgin but on another hand it is the sixth sign of zodiac. It’s symbolic notion is feminine similar to a lady that is graceful, very caring and dutiful. Most of the people that belong to this star are very sincere to their families and loved one. These people also feel the worries of all those that have deep relation with them. Male and female of this sign are equally a joy as they can be a pain. Because of this symptom they are considered as negative in their attitude to some extent.

Virgo is earth sign and because of this feature they have personality that has qualities like mother earth. This refers to them the most caring, loving, gentle and responsible individuals but these groomed personalities will always expect you to follow their strict set of rules that is their main focusing area. These people are well organized and well behaved that is why they make their set of rules.

What are birthstones?

Birthstones are gemstones that are related to months. These stones are usually used in jewelry that is used for personal adornment. Birthstones have deep concern with the health, fate and future of the person who wear it. Some people think that if a birthstone is matched with ones personality, he is one of the luckiest persons of the world.

What Care is required in Use of Birthstones?

Always use those birthstones that are related to your birthstones. It has experimentally seen that un matched birthstones can’t show pleasant effects on the persons who wear these stones. Choose those birthstones that are the exact match of the date of birth of the wearer.

What are the Virgo Birthstones?

All those stones that lie between August 23 and September 22 are known as Virgo Birthstones. List of these birthstones is given below


As Virgo has its root in the month of August and Carnelian is in the list of the stones that are in the month of August and is Virgo birthstone. This stone is translucent red in color. When dark red carnelian is used in the jewelry it is named as Sard.


It comprises of two minerals that are jadeite and nephrite. Chemically these two minerals are unrelated but the stone is considered as green that is inferior in quality. But nephrite with yellow and white colors has very high cost. Jade is sign love and virtue.


This birthstone has power to balance negative and positive energy. This stone is also known as spiritual Virgo birthstone and is available in colors green, yellow, white and black.

Moss Agate

This Virgo birthstone has ability to bring calm and focus in all those Virgos who sometimes become nervous.

Blue Sapphire

This birthstone is of second hardest mineral that is available in various colors including red that is called ruby. This stones internally enlighten the personality and fights for depression and inner peace. This blue color birthstone is also Virgo Birthstone.


This is lucky stone for Virgo. This is often seen in yellow colors but this birthstone helps in improving personality.


This Virgo stone delivers the magical powers in the wearer. This birthstone is transparent and has very close resemblance with the diamond.