Unknown and Dynamic Facts about August Birthstone

August Birthstone is Leo Birthstone with zodiac sign rules by the Sun, a prominent planet of the solar system. Leo personalities have date of birth between 23 July and 22 August. According to mythical knowledge Leos own some attributes that are

  • The personalities that are born under the sign of Leo are by birth leaders
  • Having high level confidence in their emotions, they utilize their creative energy to maximum to keep themselves dominant  with determination in the areas where they plan their work
  • Leos are very loyal and generous for their friends
  • Being self-confident and attractive personalities, they have natural ability to create a bond among the various groups and provide them environment so that they can work for a shared task.

Introduction to August Birthstone

Peridot is August Birthstone dedicated for Leo personalities. Peridot was originated from the French word peritot meaning gold as this rocky crystal has dynamic color properties. It is one of the best gifts for 16 years of the marriage anniversary. It is national gem of the Egypt. For long time Peridot have been called with the name “an Evening Emerald” when a beam of artificial green light was focused on it, it was used to start glow green.

One legend concerning to August Birthstone-Peridot defines the level of sincerity and frees one’s mind from aspiring thoughts that create hurdles in relations. Moreover, it considered that it protects one’s from the evil eyes and along with this trait it invites happiness to the wearers.

Several resources are witness about the healing ability of the August Birthstone and the myth explains that many small vessels like cups were prepared from Peridot to use the medicinal liquid to achieve high level results.

Mystical and Magical Powers of August Birthstone

Like other gemstones, there are fables that are related with August Birthstone Color. Many people think that Peridot color has strong relation with body organs. Yellowish green color is very useful to cure the liver diseases and also very effective in providing remedy to the indigestion problems of stomach. Further this special Leo Birthstone Color is heals illness such as ulcer and constipations. Insect bite has very irritating effects for the sufferers, Peridot is found good to reduce the effect of insects bite.

August birthstone with yellowish green color is wonderful in regeneration of the tissue, curing the metabolism and in delivering benefits to the skin.

Psychological sufferings are the problems that are not often diagnosed and cured by the experienced physicians but Peridot wearers have blessed with relief from this psychological disease. It is found amazing to control the negative emotions and proved good in delivering remedy to the depression sufferers. It maintains one’s personality to balance level by promoting positive energies in the wearers and acts as barrier to progress the negative emotions in one’s personality.

Wearing Peridot ring establishes a state of calmness in the owner that further proves good in promoting sleep. In addition to this ability it is well known and beneficial for control of anger and in enhancing mental tranquility.

Physical Properties of August Birthstone

August Birthstone, Peridot exists with distinct physical properties having oily luster. August birthstone color is yellow green, green having golden tone or simply light green. The green color of the peridot is due to the presence of the iron in the stone, for deep green color of the birthstone, small amount of the iron will be in the August Birthstone. Peridot possess a natural attribute concerning to color, its color brilliance is from moderate to high is natural.