A Complete Guide about the Aries Birthstone

What is Aries Birthstone? 

The interesting fact for Aries Birthstone is its confirmation for the month of April with little variation in dates. The cause of variation in dates is because of the factors:

  • In non- leap years the month of February is 28 days, the range of Aries dates is from 20 March to 19 April.
  • For leap years month of February is of 29 days, range of Aries dates is from 21 March to 20 April.

Uniqueness of Aries Personalities

Aries possess some very interesting traits that are also features of Aries Birthstone. Here are the interesting factors of the stone:

  • Aries individuals are brave in all trades of life. The owners exert all of their energy with devotion and score those levels of success that are impossible for others. Further,they work with a tranquil state of mind using full energy of their brains. They earn good name and fame in professional life.
  • In battles their aim is to fight till achievement of victory and they achieve victory at any cost.
  • These Zodiac babies are very honest and trustworthy.
  • Dishing up pleasure to others is their aim in life and they have amicable behavior with their competitors. They guide them and reply to their professional questions setting themselves free from arrogance but never allow them to defeat them.
  • Performing charity tasks is their main aim of life.
  • Aries has zodiac symbol RAM and zodiac sign fire.

Meaning of Aries Birthstone

Diamond is Aries Birthstone and according to the Cambridge dictionary it has the meaning

a transparent, extremely hard precious stone that is used in jewelry, and in industry for cutting hard things”

The dictionary defines the characteristics of April Birthstone in two parts, the first one is related to the personal adornment and second one is part of industry.

Facts about Aries Birthstone Color

Diamond, an allotropic form of carbon element. A chemical structure of this Aries Birthstone Color is white or colorless with no hues. As Aries birthstone is mineral with amalgamation of impurities that infiltrate into the element lattice of the stone causing the formation of stones with different colors and hues. Greater mixing of impurities in the stone decreases its value. For instance with more impurities in white diamond changes Aries Birthstone Color to yellow, decreasing its price value. In comparison with yellow diamonds, pink and blue diamonds are rare with higher market price value.

Possible Aries Birthstone Colors

Diamond has a range of colors that are from colorless to dark colors like red, blue, and black. Other explored Aries Birthstone Colors are, green, steel gray, orange, purple and pink.

Nitrogen appears as and impurity element in the crystal lattice of the diamond, when a chemical change in the temperature and pressure of diamond rock occurs. A grading scheme of Aries Birthstone Colors starts from D and ends at Z. The starting alphabet is for ideal diamond color whereas ending is for yellow color hues. GIA and IGI, two reputed laboratories are are organizing the color scheme of the stone. There is no universal rule set for grading of colors. The mentioned two laboratories assign color grades to the submitted stones according to their standards.

.Now in the coming paragraphs, we are focusing on the history and legends of Aries birthstone.

Historical Background of Aries Gemstone

In history, first time diamonds were located in the India 6000 years back and in the same location of the world it was recognized as a religious icon.

In history this Aries birthstone was used to inscribe the tools because of its hardness. Its value was admitted in the history of all civilizations because of its beauty, strength and hardness.

A Broad View of Characteristics of Aries Gemstone-Diamond

A diamond is presented as a gift to a beloved one and stone itself states “I love you”. When you present this stone as a gift, it will keep your love everlasting as its slogan defines “a diamond is everlasting”. It means the feeling of love will remain like a fresh rose in the heart of a beloved because of the value and worth of the stone.

At the moment of 60th marriage anniversary, it is once again a graceful gift for your wife to keep the relationship more powerful with a bond of love and romance.

From early era to the current time, Aries birthstone is a prominent jewelry item, especially in engagement and wedding jewelry. Moreover,it is a gift of love and charm to start a marriage relation.

Although diamond is not only suitable for engagement and wedding jewelry but it is highly worthies for adornment because of glimmer beauty, brilliance and scattering of light into its constituents colors.

Diamond is always a point of focus from earlier civilization to current age because of its mystical attributes and healing characteristics. Aries birthstone is one of the precious stones, it is on the earth with exceptional spiritual power. Further, it opens new doors of spiritualism to its owners.

All the time, Aries birthstone has been considered to better the life of owners in many aspects explicitly by developing clarity into the owners’ mind and life. The clarity makes him the individual that can solve any problem with a transparent state of mind.  

Chiefly, Aries birthstone is good to bring mental tranquility and inner peace that develop a positive state of mind. This stone is also a barrier to the negative feeling, and saves the owners from negative energies.

Diamond has potential attributes that can save one from cardiovascular and skeletal problems. It stimulates the secretion of glands to balance the metabolism and enhance the eyesight.

   4C’s of Aries Birthstone

There are four characteristics that influence the price of Aries birthstone. If you are not well aware of these traits, now ponder over them carefully and store them in your brain. We are explaining a standard for estimation of diamond in the market in the coming headings

Cut for Diamond

Every physical object has weight and same is with diamonds having weight measuring unit CARAT. One CARAT is 0.002 milligrams or 0.2 grams. For accuracy use the digital physical balance.

Size and weigh of diamond are two different entities. Never mix them.The ideal size one Carat diamond is 6.5 mm. mm.

Color for Diamond

Colorless diamond range is from D to F, a stone in this range is white in color.These are very expensive diamonds and below these grades diamonds also twinkle but twinkling intensity is comparatively low.

Clarity for Diamond

In the depth of many kilometres diamond rocks are found that are very hard and their formation is due to high temperature and pressure. It is the time of birth of diamond when some impurities infiltrate inside the diamond and some adjust themselves on the surface. These impurities are birthmarks having names inclusions and blemishes. Clarity factor defines the perfection of the stone and it also influences the price. An Aries birthstone with no impurity in it is flawless and with some level of impurity, it ends at inclusion.

Cut for Diamond

CUT is factor that influences the price of a diamond. Because of the type of CUT intensity of level of reflection of light depends. A flawless diamond glitters a lot because of a number of times reflection of light.

A deep Cut on diamond surface leaks light and it sparkles less. On other hand shallow Cut leaks less amount of light and dazzles more but less than ideal Cut.

Here we can share with you that diamond is one of the precious birthstones and never go for its shopping alone if you can’t differentiate among the diamond and other gemstones. Search for a friend that has understanding of this gemstone.

Key Points

  1. We have seen Aries Birthstone in engagement and wedding jewelry.
  2. It is colorless stone but with impurities it has many colors.
  3. Stone brings energy in the wearers to develop a positive state of mind for progress oriented decisions.
  4. The value of diamond depends on four main factors, Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity.