Miracles of Cancer Birthstones

What is Cancer Birthstone?

Cancer Birthstone is for those individuals who are born from 20 June to 22 July. It has sign of crab that always survives in water. Due to this reason its element is water and concerned planet is Moon. The assigned cancer birthstones are Ruby, Moonstone, Emerald, and Pearl.

Cancer Birthstones Colors

The Cancer Birthstones exits in the following colors

  • Emerald:- green
  • Ruby:- Red
  • Moonstone:- Colorless, brown, pink, and grey
  • Pearl:- The famous colors of pearl are white and cream. Further, it exists in black, grey and silver colors.

Cancer Birthstones Meaning      

Meanings of Cancer Birthstones are originated from legends of its stones. In this article our focusing stones are Ruby and Moonstone.

According to dictionary Ruby has the meaning “it is an expensive stone that is discovered in red colors and it is also found in deep crimson or purple to pale rose color.”

Meaning of Moonstone is “it is stone of inner growth and strength”.

Characteristic of Cancer Birthstones      

We are here highlighting the characteristics of the Cancer birthstones namely Ruby and Moonstone. You can have the characteristics of birthstones here

Features of Ruby

Ruby is one of the precious birthstones and it is stone of kings and queens. Its prominent color is red. According some birthstones experts, this is the stone that is more valuable than the diamond.

Ruby is sign of blessing for the owners as it warns them the approaching dangers in their lives. Further, it provides the body shield of safety and keeps away the persons from expected sadness. It assists the individuals in managing their own peace and generates energy in the wearers to solve their disputes with their gifted obscure energy.

In the current era Ruby’s metaphysical are very astonishing as the stone emits red rays with briskness that are incomparable in the mineral kingdom. It strengthens an opaque mind with enhanced concentration and motivation and finally it grows self-confidence and determination is the wearers.

Physical Healing Energy with Ruby

Cancer birthstone-Ruby is thought as bloodstone, a source of strength and energy for cardiac muscles and it assists in good circulation of blood flow. Moreover, gemstone also aids in curing the heart disorder.

In women, it is a helping agent for regulation of menstrual flow and provides pain relief associated with the menstruation. It is beneficial for the reproductive organs and often considered as remedy for the sexual impotence and infertility. Further, it is very useful in curing the infections and fever.

Emotional Energy with Ruby

Ruby helps the wearers in burring in graves the past disputes and allow all to share love and happiness. It promotes a positive and courageous state of mind. It brings out from a complex state of mind to all those individuals that think themselves ugly persons.

Cancer Birthstone-Ruby in red color is a natural birthstone that invites courage, energy, passion and love.

Overview of Aries Birthstone-Moonstone

The Aries Birthstone-Moonstone is as old as the moon. It has mystical power and factual link with the magic of moon. the stone promotes passion of love in the lovers and provides a path of wisdom to the owners. It has very effective impact on our attitudes, feelings and spiritual progress. This stone saves us nervousness and gives us energy to understand the natural rhythms of life.

Moonstone is mineral jewel especially dedicated to the travelers that often plan their journey in sea when the moon is at peak. Professional travelers should keep it in their pockets for danger free driving at night.

Enhanced Features of Moonstone

Moonstone grows professional potential as well as assists the individual in understanding of love for them. It has proved the admirable crystal for beginning of novice love and works as talisman for obscure love between lovers. It re-establishes love between the lovers who have been departed in anger.

Moonstone is stone that generate love, sexual feeling and desire. It is stone of productiveness. It also assists the artists like dancers in their self-expression.

Aries Birthstone-Moonstone gathers normal tones of biological physical energy and promotes natural energy cycle. Its special effects are seen on the feminine sexual system and delivers comfort in the pregnancy and childbirth. It is remedy for insomnia and has shown good results in causing pleasant dreams.

It generates nobleness in one’s personality that is cause of prosperity in an environment where it resides. In females it stimulates intuitive energy in them. It accelerates a feminine energy in them especially kundalini energy.

Aries Birthstone is a healing energy gemstone. Further, it transforms negative energy into positive obscure energy that assists harmony for physical as well as intellectual energy. It delivers spiritual nutrition that helps owners in all changes in their behaviors.

Moonstone in white color radiates a special type of energy that can develop innocent traits in one’s personality. In reality the rays reflected from the stone are sun’s rays.