A birthstone is gemstone or jewel that means an individual’s date of birth that is associated with the month or a zodiac sign. These stones are classified according to the months. All birthstones have some attributes that are admitted on the personal beliefs or with some historical verified backgrounds.

With the market value of a gemstone , we can say that diamond, ruby , emerald and pearl are the expensive mineral stones.Birthstones are mineral as well as organic stones. Later on, scientists prepared low priced synthetic birthstones. But, these gemstones has comparatively, low dazzling effects.

There are two reasons for owning the gemstones. First, you can use them for personal adornment. Second one is to reflect their attributes in the wearer’s personality.

To use a gemstone to reflect its traits in the personality of the wearer, it will be more beneficial for the wearer to have proper knowledge concerning to stone.

There is no single mineral stone in the world that is free from birthmarks. Mineral stone formed under high temperature and pressure. In the molten form, some impurities become part of the stone. First type of impurity is inclusion that stays on the surface. Second type of impurity is blemishes that makes its place inside the stone.

The sparkling in the stones is because of application of Cut. An ideal cut dazzle the light with maximum intensity. Whereas, a shallow Cut reflects and refracts lesser amount of light. Finally, deep Cut, leaks the light.

Diamond is the hardest stone in the world. You can cut other stones and materials with diamond.



Gemini Birthstone With Potential Attributes

What is Gemini Birthstone?                                         This Jewel has deep influence on those people that have date of birth between May 21 to June 21. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini having third position in the zodiac system and the dedicated birthstone of zodiac system is Pearl. The alternate birthstones are Emerald, Alexandrite, Agate and Ruby. …

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