A web dictionary defines fashion as  “ a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration or behavior”.  It is also self expression according the customs, cultures and seasons. Fashion age is quite limited. It changes with change of circumstance. The main areas concerned with it are hair, clothes, footwear, lifestyle,hairstyle and body posture.


Like two sides of a coin, it also has positive and negative aspects. Its positive side develops self esteem and makes one person independent in expression at its own style. But its negative aspects have affected the young generation. The young generation spent a lot of time implementing fashion, leaving behind their educational activities.


No one can deny the importance of fashion, as it is the reflection of a culture of a country. Further,it makes us live a colorful life. In a particular style, it adds new colorful and dynamic changes in our living style by wearing modern and new jewelry, clothes and shoes. It empowers confidence and leaves a positive impression on the personality.


In the current age, the fashion industry is playing a vital role to promote it. Industry designs and creates all fashion-items and markets it at national and international level. The industry came into the market in the twentieth century.


Today various universities across the world have started fashion and design courses to educate the current generation.Universities arrange various competition among the students to flourish their skill. The scope of this degree is very high. Therefore, the concerned professional work at high wages.