You can see hair on all mammals bodies. According to chemical composition, its constituent ingredient is protein. The starting growth point of hair is follicles.

In addition to its structure human beings are always conscious about hairs health, growth and care.

There are many daily routines that can assists human beings for hairs fall. Further, you can take many natural foods that can boosts its growth. For example, Olive fruit, Turnip, Oyster Shells, Fish and Beet are very useful for hair growth.

For hair care always avoid use of  hot water as it dries the moisture that is naturally present in the scalp. Besides, this use of chemical is also one of the main cause of hairs fall.

For good health of your hairs wash them regularly. Use herbal shampoos that must be free from chemicals. Dry them with natural techniques instead of hairs dryer.

Massaging the hairs can improve the blood circulation that can increase their growth. Natural hairs styling can give your personality attractive  outlook.

Practically and historically various attitudes are founds for hairs-styling and hairs-removal depending on the beliefs , religions and cultures. Trimming the hairs regularly can increase their growth.

For healthy hair do proper exercise and use a lot of water in your routine life. Further, always keep yourself away from hairs styling products. Finally, live stress free and happy life as it not only improves your hairs growth but also it plays vital role to improve the outlook of your skin. Stress free life improves your blood circulation.