People love to decorate themselves with jewelry and its accessory items for their personal satisfaction. Namely these items are earrings, bangles, necklaces, bracelets etc.  You can also use the mentioned products either on the body or clothes. In the past people used  different metals like gold of different Karats for jewelry items. Designers recommend use of birthstone in the above mentioned items.

The above mentioned designs are cultural dependent and are according to the choice of the customers. European used the above mentioned items  since ancient times.But others items  that are used for nose or ankle has not too much importance in the Western cultures.

Jewelers often recommend birthstones in the jewelry items to enhance their beauty. No doubt items with gold metal and gemstones becomes more expensive but the persons with heavy pockets love to purchase such types of adornment items to prove themselves  unique. Further, wearing such expensive and unique beautification products is a sign of pride and show off their wealth.