Skin is sole organ of your body that covers your whole body. For a normal sized human its area is 20 square feet.

It saves our body from microbes and maintain body temperature. Natural sensors of touch, hot and cold are embedded on skin.

For healthy skin we, recommend all to have a routine. First,divide this routine into day and night action. Second,be consistent on this routine for long duration to have good results.

Furthermore, use a lot of water for keep for outclass moisture and sheen of your skin. Also, go for a lot of walk early in the morning for health of this precious organ.

There are foods that can saves your body from harmful effects of the sunlight. Namely these foods are walnuts, fish, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli.

Use those foods that contain Vitamin E, C and A. As these are very basic requirement for protection of your skin. These foods not only improves the immune system of your body but also keep your body metabolism very functional that saves your body from various diseases.

Always reduce inflammation in your body for impressive gesture.