Proven Foods for Hair Growth

It is basic desire of all human being to have healthy and thick hair on their scalp. But it is not possible in case of all individuals due to some hereditary causes and use of improper diet. Diet has strong association with skin and hair health. So, there are recommended foods for hair growth. These foods not only improve the immune system but also are rich source of energy for hair growth.

It is interesting fact that normally hair grows about 0.5 inches per month and 6 inches per annum. But the factors that affect the hair growth are age and hereditary causes.  But balance diet is a reason that is in your control. One should eat the diet that should have all ingredients that hair demands for growth.

For hair growth, eat with consistency foods for hair growth. Short term planning can’t give you the desire results. We are exploring some diets that are rich with nutrients that can assist in hair growth.

Aftermath of Foods for Hair Growth

The hair growth process is continuous. During growth foods for hair growth, follicles constantly generate new hair from the nutrients of diet that are circulating in the blood.

The intake food speeds growth and health of hair. There are some important vitamins, proteins and minerals those are inevitable for strong and healthy hair roots.

Select diet that is rich in multiple nutrients to have healthy boost of skin, hair and nail growth. The change will be visible when you will fulfill the deficiencies of vitamins.

Make a consistent plan for intake of foods for hair growth. In coming section, mentioned foods will assist your hair growth process.

1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the natural foods for hair growth. These are full of biotin, a recommended mineral for re-grow of hair. Along with biotin, eggs also have proteins that also stops thinning of hair as hair follicles are made of proteins.

Further studies have also given clear vision that eggs are rich source of selenium, zinc and some other nutrients that support hair growth.

2. Berries

We advise to include berries in foods for hair growth as it is rich source of vitamin C with addition of antioxidant and some other vitamins. Vitamin C generate blush on your facial skin and supports hair growth.

Antioxidant property of the berries gives energy to hair follicles and also saves the hair from the harmful molecules that are naturally present in human bodies.

Hair is always strong and healthy with collagen. When a human body utilizes vitamin C, collagen is generated that stops thinning of hair.


A natural source for foods for hair growth. It is full of ingredients that not only support hair health but also help in hair growth. The spinach owns the nutrients like iron, and vitamins A and C.  These nutrients are responsible for health of hair and skin.

Vitamin A in spinach generates moisture in the skin. This moisture gives energy to skin and scalp.

Iron in spinach energizes the red blood cells that provide oxygenated blood to the body to fuel and repair the body.

4. Fish

Research has revealed that fish are one the main sources of omega-3 fatty acids, good nutrients for heart, skin, hair and eyes. Moreover, vitamin D is also in the fish, an ingredient helpful in generation of new hair and generating energy in hair roots.

 Eating foods that are rich in the omega-3 fatty acids can save one from cardiac diseases and boosts the hair growth.

Besides fish, omega-3 fatty acids are also found in walnuts, chia seeds, soybean oil, and fortified foods.

Fatty fish owns other nutrients that can assist hair growth. The ingredients are selenium, vitamin D3, proteins and vitamin B.

5. Sweet Potatoes

This is a vegetable that is cultivated across the world. Regular and consistent use of Sweet Potatoes develops required moisture level in your skin. Along with skin health it also gives energy to hair roots.

Potatoes own beta carotene. Human body has natural ability to convert it into vitamin A that is aiding nutrient for speedy hair growth.

Never Ignore It for Hair Health

No doubt foods for hair growth play elementary role for hair growth but there are some other proven cares and remedies that can also give long life to your hair that are:

  • Live tension free life. It is only possible if you focus on your own positive aims of life.
  • Plan a stress free life. It is only possible if you have a helping hand for others.
  • Drink a lot of water to excrete harmful radicals from your body.
  • Make a good routine of walk and exercise. This act wills strength your circulatory system.

Final Words

For good health hair, along with use of foods for hair growth, always abide by the moral values that will pave your path towards stress free life. Stress free life makes full functional your hormonal system. This will also give strength and long life to your hair.