Hair Care Do’s and Don’ts

For long life of hair, it is inescapable to manage hair care. To cope with this, we advise a practical of defined routines with consistency.  This practice is panacea for healthy hair. Further ,thinning of hair will slow down. We are advising you some of applicable tips that will be milestone for your long life hair health.

Careful Wash of Hair                      

Always timely refresh your scalp cleaning routine for its health. Fresh water is the best remedy for skin nourishment.  You will feel dirt free scalp have no unnecessary oil secretion gathered on the scalp. Select hair preferences for hair care and finally go for them.

Utilize Herbal Shampoos

Chemical are silent killers hair growth. With use of shampoos that have greater amount of chemicals weaken the hair roots. Select shampoo that has very less amount of chemicals. It give attractive look to your hair.

 At industrial level chemicals are used in preparation of shampoos. These chemicals develop lather in the process of washing hair. Studies have proved that irritation on skin is due to use of such shampoos for long duration.

Select a Suitable Conditioner

Use hair conditioners at moderate pace to save hair from environmental effects. The ones matching with your hair are effective. Do a lot of care in use of these products. Never apply them direct at the scalp. Hair tips are recommended location for application.

Use of Towel for Hair Care

It is tradition  towel to dry hair. This technique of drying hair can give health to your scalp and hair. Never comb wet hair.

Select Natural Hair Oil

Blood circulation in scalp area can increase growth of hair. For this purpose, we advise your manage message of scalp with chemical free oil. Make a routine of massage and abide by it strictly. As a result scalp muscles will gain strength. Finally, clean the hair with chemical free shampoo to give them shine and attractive look.

Selection of Easy Comb

We often advise you use easy comb in your hair. The comb that has wide teeth can easily drive through your dense hair. Your hair will not break with easy comb.

Work Naturally for Styling Hair

There are many natural techniques to generate waves and curls in hair. But if you feel hair dryer is the requirement, use prior serum safety of hair.

Go for Trimming Hair

If you are male, for hair care, trim your hair bimonthly. Your this good habit will rectify your hair split ends. There are some genuine reasons that create split ends.

Use Excessive Amount of Water

For skin nourishment, use water in greater amount. Moisture under skin will give roots of hair strong foundation for growth. This hair care practice will save scalp from dryness. Hair thinning will go away.

Eat Balance Diet for Hair Care

We always recommend balance diet for hair care. Further, balance diet also very essential for skin care. Fresh vegetables and fruits increase the blood circulation. All food that are rich in proteins, Vitamin C , E and A are use for hair care.

Preserve Hair from Ultra Violet Rays

If you will not cover hair with a cap to preserve them from harmful effects of sun rays, no doubt Ultra Violet rays will leave severe bad effect on hair. Gradually moisture in your hair will reduce. Dullness in hair will develop. Hair will appear unhealthy. For hair care, use hats or caps.

Don’ts of Hair Care

There are some practices in our daily life that are serious danger to our hair health. Therefore we, should never go for these routines to abide by the rules of hair care

Never take bath with hot water as it affects the natural moisture level in your skin. It is best for you to use the fresh water to bath.

Always live a happy life. Abide by the rules of morality to keep you away from stress. It affects hormonal system of your body. As a result, hair health is affected.

Keep yourself away from tinned food as preservatives in these foods affect your immune system that may be one cause to generate the scalp allergies.

Use of products that have excessive chemicals, reduces the glow on your skin. It may affect the hair follicles. This will produce thinning of hair.

What so ever you do with hair must be natural and chemical free while shaping them in novice style and look.

Is Hair Care Mandatory for Hair Growth?

If you are not thinking seriously about the do’s and don’ts of hair care, a point will come where hair will slow down their growth. Other hair complication like dryness, dandruff and dullness of hair will commence their journey.

Cleaning hair with moderate temperature water gives them new life and enhances the growth process. If it is delayed or stopped, dust particles will start accumulating in the hair. As result your hair will break. Further, their roots will lose their power in scalp. Use of unconcerned products may short life of hair and hair thinning can start.

Finally, tuning yourself to natural diet plan, and depend on the natural technique to give a style to your hair can give long life to hair.