Tips and Techniques for Hair Growth

No one in the world is without the wish of hair growth in every span of one’s life. But, for this intention, one has to follow some tips and tricks in one’s life for consistent growth of hair. Studies have revealed that with the intake of good nutrients, human’s hair can grow six inches per year. But, unfortunately, many of the human beings lose 50 to 100 each day.

If we observe around us, we will see some folks with naturally long hair without any treatment. But for others, we have to go for a hair care regimen daily. So for healthy hair growth, there is a need for some practices that are need day to day in our life.

Factors Affecting the Hair Growth

Hair growth is a complete science that depends on the following factors

  • Age
  • Hair type
  • Health of folks

Some of applicable hair growth tips are discussed in the below heading

Stress-Free Life

A person who has control over his thoughts not only enjoys good health but also improves his skills in every department of life. In addition, with tension-free life your blood circulation enriches. Finally, your hair receives the necessary nutrients that are their requirement.

Periodic Trimming of Hair

Never mix the cutting and trimming of hair. Cutting of hair never is a cause of hair growth. In comparison, trimming of hair is a reason for long and healthy hair. In addition, trimming of hair means saving hair from breakage. In short, split ends can lose the length of hair.

Use Natural Hair Oil

Distribute hair with your finger on your scalp. With proper massage on your scalp, you transfer moisture to the roots of hair. With reasonable moisture on your scalp, you will enjoy long and thick hair in your life.

Intake Right Eatables

If you are the owner of long and healthy hair, it doesn’t mean you are using any type of product. It depends on your frequent daily intake. We advise you to include protein-rich eatables in your diet for quick and healthy hair growth. The protein-rich foods are fish, beans, nuts, and whole grains.

Addition of Vitamins

In case you are using a diet that is lacking in sufficient nutrients. In such a scenario, the addition of vitamins can work wonders. There are vitamins for healthy skin and nails. The main ingredients of such vitamins are biotin, vitamin C and B. Use of mentioned multivitamins not only gives you long hair but also will create blush on your skin. For good results, take vitamins in the morning.

Avoid the Use of Shampoo

Limited use of shampoo is not harming your scalp, but frequent use of shampoo can dry your scalp. In addition, it reduces the moisture on the scalp. Finally, the roots of hair become weak, and hair fall starts.

Never Use Hot Shower

A hot shower reduces moisture on the scalp. It also dehydrates the skin. Dry skin is one of the main reasons for hair loss. Shampoo your hair once or twice a week.

Use of Antioxidant for Hair Growth

Age also affects the hair. As with age, the body becomes weak, and organs of the body slow down their functionality. In the same way, thinning of hair also starts with the increase of age. Speed of hair growth also reduces. Antioxidant assists the hair gaining. 

With the use of antioxidants, the human body manages generates energy that manages the oxidative stress. Finally, the neutralization of free radicals in the body comes into action.

We always advise folks to use foods that are rich in antioxidants. For example,  foods that are rich in vitamin C are very helpful for hair growth.