Spikes for Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Healthy and Beautiful Nails are an integral part of your attractive personality outlook. Proper and balanced intake along with personal hygiene management tips make nails attractive and also increase their life.

Unfortunately, according to the opinion of professionals, both genders often pay heed to the myths and tales of non-professional individuals for the care and beauty of nails.

To guide and to make the record straight, here are the tips that often dermatologists recommend for beautiful and healthy nails.

Care for Cuticles

Naturally, cuticles protect nails beds and stop the infiltration of germs into the deep roots of nails. In case, they are cut, the germs like fungi and bacteria enter the skin and make it red, swollen, and ragged. So, never plan the maintenance of cuticles as it is a danger for healthy nails.

Make a Consistent Plan for Moisturizing of Nails Beds

If you want to see healthy nails, make a frequent and consistent plan to provide moisture to the nails beds. Moistening the nails beds can provide a good foundation for the growth of nails and also increase the outlook of cuticles. Moreover, it also makes the nails flexible.

Use of Supplements

Scientific studies have revealed that all supplements having biotin are very useful for healthy nails. The use of vitamin B family products increases the thickness and flexibility of nails. Further, they save them from splitting and breaking.

Before the use of any supplement consult an expert dermatologist, as some products in the market are not effective.

Use of Healthy Diet

Healthy nails are indicators of our good health. The health of the nails depends on what we eat and drink in our daily life.

Besides above all, nails are made of keratin – a material consisting of proteins.

One can enjoy rich proteins from all types of meat and fish also. Further, foods containing calcium, iron, and antioxidants are very useful for the health of nails. You can have these from spinach, broccoli, kale, and collard green.

Use of Water

Hydration is one of the core factors that play a vital role in nails growth. According to experts’ advice, there is a sign of healthy nails that is explained below

“When you press nails, normal and healthy nails become white and at the release of pressure, capillaries refill and regain their blood flow.”

Nails that take a longer time to refill, indicate dehydration. So, there is a need of drinking more water to maintain the health of nails.

Avoid Excessive Manicures

During the manicure process, beauticians use medicated products that have chemicals. The use of chemicals for a long duration can be a cause of skin damage. Further, it is not 100% guaranteed about the sterilization of their tools. Non sterilized tools can be a cause of infection to nails beds.

Analyze Shampoo

It has practically been found that some shampoos that are irritating your scalp are also a constant danger for your nails health. So, avoid the use of such shampoos. In case you are a regular user of soap and your nails are getting dryer, stop the use of such soap.

Nails Extensions

Before using the nails extensions, first, read tips related to nails extensions or consult an expert dermatologist. When women use, nails extension, they stick them to the nails but natural hair growth continues. This creates infection in nails beds and cuticles.

Therefore, it is mandatory to read the pros and cons of the use of nails extensions for short-term and long-term use.