Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing Techniques

Jewelry cleaning and polishing methodologies always keep consistent luster of your jewelry items. You can attend any wedding party with jewelry having high level sheen if you abide by some of practices that are here in the coming sentences.

Define a Schedule for Jewelry Maintenance

We advise you make a checklist of your jewelry items and at each weekend examine them. If a birthstone is missing in any item, make a plan for its maintenance. The items that you use frequently lose luster and come in contact with coarse surface causes the metal fatigue and erosion. Visit to your nearby jeweler for long life of your metal items.

Jewelry Erosion

When we use a metal frequently, its surface become dull and loses it sheen.  Oxygen on the surface reacts with the metal causes the rusting of metal. Along with rusting, erosion of the metal also happens with regular use of jewelry. If you don’t go for repair of jewelry, there is probability of breaking of the metal items.

Jewelry Metal Fatigue

When any metal is worn on frequent basis, cracks on metal appear with the bending or knocking. The consistent stress on metal causes metal fatigue that needs maintenance at proper time. Failing the repair of jewelry can cause huge loss.

Visit to a Jeweler for Jewelry Maintenance

It is very beneficial for all jewelry owners to visit a nearby jeweler for examination of metal items after six months for those items that are worn frequently and in a year for items that are used less frequently. A jeweler will diagnose loose birthstones and repair them accordingly.

Cleaning of Jewelry at Jeweler Shop

There are different techniques to clean and polish the metal items. First and old technique of cleaning the adornment items is use of hot soapy water. Later on, dip metal item in dilute chemicals to obtain its original luster.  

There are advance jewelers that are using modern techniques of jewelry cleaning. They use advance machinery having compound to restore the original sheen of the jewelry. Moreover, highly qualified jewelers are now a days applying steam and ultrasonic metal cleaning methods.

Home Jewelry Cleaning Techniques

In order to perform the jewelry cleaning at home, first get knowledge about the items before that are required to clean. There are the items that are not possible to clean at home. Details are in the following points.

  • Organic beautification stones like pearl, bone, wood , coral or leather are not dipped in the strong detergents as they absorb the fluid that can leave its impressions on the items.
  • There are some birthstones that also store moisture so cleaning them at home can destroy their natural beauty.
  • You can clean coins at home but for this purpose, you need professional training.
  • For cleaning metal at home first unlock the stone from the items. Only dip metals in the chlorine cleaning liquid for some time. Rub them with a brush. Make sure removal of rusting material , polish it and finally embed it in the metal.
  • There are pores in mineral gemstones that can absorb the metal cleaning liquid. The gems are opal, emerald, lapis and all organic gemstones.

Now you are aware of the points that are helping you in metal cleaning. Now clean the items recursively with care to keep its luster consistent. We advise you to remove the layers of hairspray, lotions or makeup material.

How to Polish Costly Metals

You can retain the luster of your metal with the cloth provided by the jewelers. Use polishing material on soft cloth and rub it on the metal. This material will not damage birthstones or metal. Your metal items will retain its original brightness.