Obscure Meanings and Characteristics of Libra Birthstones

Libra Birthstone is dedicated for Librans that have a date of birth between 22 September and 23 October. It is at 7th rank in the zodiac system with element and symbol, air and scales respectively. The ruling planet for this gemstone is Venus.

Meaning of October Birthstone 

October birthstone-opal defines the quality of faithfulness and truthfulness in the personality of owners. Meaning of opal birthstone is precious jewel and Cambridge Dictionary defines the meaning of this gemstone in the following words

“a precious stone whose colour changes when the position of the person looking at it changes”

Libra Birthstone Color 

 The Libra Birthstones are Opal and Tourmaline; Libra Birthstone Colors are dynamic, means these stones exist in more than one color.

Greeks used to have a very clear meaning of the word opal that has reflection of its color properties, “to observe dynamic change in color”.  The internal structure of opal supports diffraction of light. Opal birthstone colors variation is because two factors, first is neighborly packed silica spheres and second support the diffraction property of light that both form a very valued precious opal. Naturally these spheres own organized array, variation in their size and pattern, is cause of dynamic colors hues. The greater luminous color, gives high price value to the stone. The most popular Libra Birthstone Color is transparent white. Other discovered colors for stone are a black or red shade background.

Opals exist in various colors like red, orange, yellow, and blue. Black color may embed all of these colors with the addition of purple light.  Libra Birthstone Color (opal color) presentation is in available colors shades in a variety of merger. The highly priced opal is red whereas the blue and green are less rare and have low price worth.

Tourmaline is another Libra birthstone, exists in a variety of colors. The most prominent Libra Birthstone Colors for Tourmaline are red, black, green, pink, yellow and brown. There are some stones in two colors having outer edge green and red or pink color in the rest portion of the stone.

Admitted Characteristics of Libra Birthstone

Libra Birthstone namely Opal is soft stone and it has cracks, if it is dried with haste after the completion of the mining process. Naturally, this stone has pores; it is not safe to dip it in liquid other than water. Its structure is amorphous, it has no crystal properties. Opal is too delicate and you have to do extra care of it to save it from scratches.

It was a strong faith of ancient civilization, opal is the best remedy provider for eye disease and it increases the immune system for the eye. It also stimulates the brain energy. Opal is a stone that cultivates self-worth and confidence in your personality to know your obscure qualities. It is also a stimulator of dynamic creativity to boost your artistic skill.

Opal creates a bond between love and emotions, it balances the emotion and grows loyalty and faithfulness in personality.

Opal is said to have remedial power in many physical realms such as curing infectious diseases and fevers. It furnishes the blood and kidneys, adjust the vaccine and makes the child birth process easy. In short, stone is very useful in preventing the persons from bad health by providing energy to the immune system and assists the body to resist against the infection.

Libra Birthstone- Tourmaline

Tourmaline is also Libra Birthstone and alternate stone for October. In the history pink tourmaline was mixed with the ruby as pink October birthstone has more pink light than ruby. In 18th century, it was concept that this stone was very beneficial for the creative tasks of artists, authors and actors.

As concerning health issues, it is good for healthy digestive system, as well as dishing potential power to teeth and bones. Further, in the modern age, it is remedy for stress problems.

Pink stone treats well the negative emotions and dishes up love and sympathy for others to make them a positive individual of the society. Gemologists recommend gemstone for counselors; develop a potential power in them to listen to their patient for long duration with patience.

Pink Tourmaline has significance value for those people who are suffering from fear attacks. It is a love protector with safety and boosts the confidence level in personalities. With a flexible mind, it is a wisdom cultivator to deal with others in a polite manner for balance and harmony.

This Libra birthstone is a spiritual and radiant stone and that very expensive gem. Its clarity trait is matching with the diamond; it is colorless as is diamond.

Libra Birthstone Color-Tourmaline is green, yellow, blue, red, gray and black. It has bi-colored or multicolored tone.

Key Points

  1. Libra Birthstones are Opal and Tourmaline.
  2. Tourmaline has transparent trait matching with the diamond.
  3. Both stones are spiritual, radiant and expensive gemstones