Skin Tags: Definition, Causes and Removal Techniques

You can see Skin Tags on bodies of males and females. These are delicate, safe, painless and suspended skin having stalk. There is no specific body location for their growth but usually, they grow on armpits, thighs, eyelids, neck and areas under breast. In medical science professionals pronounce it with the name acrochordon.

Reasons for Growth of Skin Tags

There is no cause diagnosed yet for the growth of Fleshy Tags on Skin. But observatory knowledge gives us idea about some causes of tags growth. Usually their growth is in skin creases. Rubbing with some external bodies like jewelry or cloth may be one reason. Collagens and blood vessels with outer covering of skin fold produce Skin Tags.

Research based studies has concluded that human papillomavirus is one of the growth factors of fleshy Tags.

Identification of Skin Tags

 There is variation in the size of fleshy tags. These colored flesh bodies have sizes less than millimeter to 5 millimeters. Some Tags attain the size up to 5 cm.

Who got the Skin Tags?

With a rough clinical survey, it has concluded that more than half population of the world acquires them in any span of life. Either it may be sole pin head sized on any part of the body or may be in hundreds in various sizes at diverse location of body.

It is very rare chance to develop the tags at birth stage. Most of them grow during middle age and grow in number as age number increase.

When the weight of any gender increases, the probability of growth of fleshy tags increase.  With variation in hormones, fleshy tags often appear on pregnant women’s bodies.

Skin Tags are not Dangerous.

Store in your brain that skin tag never convert into cancer. They cause problems for the owners when they rub with the jewelry or clothes. Finally the bearers plan to remove them due to aesthetic causes.

Care Factors for Skin Tags

Do a special care during shave in tags area. A cut of blade can be cause of bleeding but not a permanent loss.

Removal of Fleshy Tags

Don’t muster up your courage to remove the them at home. There is change of development of infection at the wound. There are two types of removal techniques. First, tags removal technique is non invasive and second one is invasive.

First of all visit to a dermatologist for the analysis of Tags. Then let your doctor to remove them in his clinic. Always abide by the precautionary measures that doctor advice you.

Some Skin Tags fall at their own due to lack of supply of blood.

If you try to lessen your weight after the development of some tags. This practice will not remove the present Tags but it can stop the further growth of the fleshy tags.

In case of pain, itching and irritation, consult your doctor instantly.

Point of Consideration

Keep in your mind that Skin Tags are different from the moles and warts.