Seeking a Successful Love with Taurus Birthstone

What is Taurus Birthstone?

The owners of Taurus Birthstone are born from 19 April to 20 May. Taurus is at second position in the Zodiac system with element of earth, symbol bull and ruling planet Venus similar to Libra. Emerald is Taurus Birthstone.

Taurus Birthstone Color

The color for Taurus Birthstone is green displaying reflection of nature. Where you see green color, it means improvement and success.

Mineral and transparent Taurus birthstone-Emerald is one the four precious jewels. Emerald exists in dynamic color hues having the range yellow green to blue green.

Meaning of Taurus Birthstone

According to Dictionary Emerald Birthstone has the meaning:

“a bright green precious stone consisting of chromium-variety of beryl”.

Further,Emerald keeps alive the youth energy of a man, retrieve hope, seeker of love, navigate truth for future justice in the life of wearers.

An Extended Overview of Taurus Birthstone

Taurus birthstone-Emerald is acknowledged jewel of love. It stimulates energy to care the heart and reassuring more hormonal healing that welcome the freshness and continuity to the spirit. Further, it cultivates the high level of patience in the owners.

Emerald owns a well-known attribute of proportion of friendship and balance between the partners and especially generates energy for calmness and sincerity.

Emerald is thought as a gemstone of high vision to forecast the future happenings and discloses truths about one’s personality. Besides this, it has concern with eyesight and vision of human beings. There is wisdom where is Emerald with incremental non-volatile memory that defines the clarity of mind.

Emerald collects the emotions, stabilizes the intention, activates the cognitive abilities and opens doors of foreknowledge. It has been reservoir of obsession and admiration in diverse cultures of world more than 6000 years and did a lot of business in the markets of Babylon.

Taurus Birthstone was highly respected in the many prominent religions of the world due its spiritual energy and eternal beauty. Egyptians used to consider it a symbol of eternal life and has been the most loved and liked jewel of Queen Cleopatra.

Mystical Energy of Taurus Birthstone-Emerald

Ancient Greeks used to prioritize it as a stone of love as its association with the Geek Goddess Venus. It grows a plant of love in those who have real sense of love. These people are too mature to care their beloved ones. Moreover, when the lover’s heart is full of loyal feeling, stone shows green color but if heart goes astray, stone color becomes lifeless. Naturally Taurus birthstone stabilizes the memory enhancing the thinking ability for past, present and future events.

Taurus Birthstones-Emerald with Healing Traits

In the past there were evidences about the healing ability of Taurus Birthstone-Emerald. There were various schools of thoughts that had grown, for instance it was admitted that by wearing it, process of healing comes into action whereas others benefited from it only gaze the green color.

In every era and culture, this stone had assisted the eyesight. Moreover, Emerald had multi-organ healing ability like kidneys, cardiovascular system, adrenal glands, and intestinal system. It is stone that clears the body and also saves the body from infection.

For pregnant women, gemstone is blessed stone as it keeps save them from child birth complications. There are various ailments that are considered to be cured with Taurus birthstone. Emerald is good stone to cure colic , cancer , skin burns, high blood pressure and asthma.

Positive Attributes of Taurus Gemstone

Taurus Birthstone, a green jewel stimulates a mindset that reduces the negative effects in the personality and cultivates energy in one’s to step forward in the spiritual route to come very close to the God. Further,having a strong spiritual bond with God, one feel mental tranquility and stores a lot of positive energy for welfare works. Energetic memory for public speaking is one of the main gifts for the wearers.

Finally.for good fortune and to cultivate nobleness and politeness , wear Emerald with belief. As there was no alternative of this stone in the history to balance the passions for maximum output.

Scientific Overview of Taurus Birthstone

Taurus Birthstone-Emerald is breakable and you can create fracture on its surface easily. Therefore, is at hardness level 9 that is not stiff as is diamond but it exists with long life with its pure features. Scratches may appear on it; you can easily remove them by the application of a special mechanism.

 The jewel owns light to dark green color hues shades that confirm the presence of chromium oxide in the gemstone.

The green color of Emerald is sign of prosperity in life like arrival of spring stimulates creative energy in all.

How to Care Taurus Gemstone?

Taurus Birthstone is major component of jewelry . So at the time of dish washing, keep it at safe place as birthstones attract soap and grease. Slowly this soapy material will make its place on the gemstone that will have worse effect one brilliance of stone.

Firstly,for long life of the the stone, place it at safe place when you are going for any physical activity. This act can save your stone form the scratches as there is probability of appearance of scratches on its surface.

Secondly,to keep the brilliance of the stone everlasting, wash the birthstone with a tooth brush dipped in a light soap and then dip it in water having room temperature.

Lastly, rub the stone time and again to remove unwanted accumulated material on the stone. Washing the stone in this way delivers back its brightness.