Virgo Birthstone with its Collective Attributes

Virgo means virgin. It is the sixth zodiac sign having symbolic notion of dutiful and caring lady. The people belonging to the star are very loyal to their families. Further, these people take pain of all those people that are in circle of their social relation. The dedicated stone for these individuals is Virgo Birthstone.

You can own the Virgo Birthstone if you are born in the dates 24th August and 23rd September. Your dedicated gemstone is Sapphire.

Meaning of Virgo Birthstone

According to dictionary, it is a blue precious and transparent stone that is variety of corundum.

Virgo Birthstone Color

Virgo birthstone flower is morning glory. The bloom of the flower commence from early summer to the first frost fall. Naturally family of this flower exits in various colors like pink, purple blue, white or magenta. This flower is very attractive to butterflies.

Historical Importance and Present of Virgo Birthstone

In history of Virgo Birthstone-Sapphire, Persian people used to associate the stone with the blue color of sky. In some religions this gemstone is stone of heaven. In past Kings wore Sapphire to keep them in the safety zone. Further, wearing it around the neck could protect them from envy.

For years Sapphire has been recognized as a gemstone for piety and penitence. Moreover, it develops energy for wisdom and promotes potential to understand justice. It assists in getting anatomy of realistic life. Further, Virgo Birthstone assists one towards romantic life. In past gemstone has been a stone to pursuit to cultivate one’s faith and pure thoughts.

Spiritual Potentials of Virgo Birthstone

In history for long period, Virgo Birthstone has been a legend of heavens, custodian of purity and advocate of truth. The owners of the stone used to wear it with firm belief to reflect traits of happiness, inner satisfaction, mental tranquility and beauty.

During the middle ages it was used as a symbol to overcome the negative thoughts and brain wandering. In the same period gemstone has been remedy for the natural ailments. Further, with consistent wearing of the stone, heart muscles become strong and talent is flourished to be courageous personality. But according the some historical peoples, it was a tale for a poison and it has potential to kill the snake. This gemstone in the shape of RAM or man is panacea for illness and can be cause of one’s high position in career.

The study of colors reveals, blue color is sign of wisdom and magnanimity. It also makes a deep relation with the research of astrology. In the era of 11th and 12th centuries, sapphire was one of the prized stones. The stone not only assists the owners to work in their astral domains but also protects them from dangerous journeys.

The most related and well known trait of the Sapphire was to award the safety and protection against the black magic. Moreover, it bounces back these black magic effects to the sender. With its magical effects it kills the snakes that are hidden in vicinity. It alarms the persons about the potential insecurities.

Promotion of Energies with Sapphire 

Sapphire owns energy that can be transformed rapidly and it shows power of motivation in ones personality. It will assist you to establish a bond with the universe. It opens a spiritual road map for the universe. It also dishes up incremental spiritual energy for spiritual guidelines. It also upgrades ones mental energy to understand the meanings of life.

Wearing the Virgo Birthstone improves the positive thinking of the persons for personal motivation and self mental tranquility. Moreover, it improves the general health features. Its obscure energy is very useful in curing the fever and boosting the eye sight.

Physical Attributes of Virgo Gemstone

Virgo Birthstone-Sapphire belongs to the Ruby family with the same physical structure with the difference of color. The stone with red color is Ruby but the stone with the remaining colors is Sapphire. The most prominent color for Sapphire is blue.

Firstly,Sapphire is perfect stone for jewelry as it is under the hardness level of diamond that is 10. Secondly,mineral Virgo Birthstones have inclusions and blemishes. The light reflected from the inclusion produce shine named as “silk”. Natural gemstone also exists in the colorless tones known as Leucosapphire. Round cuts on Sapphire makes it to produce maximum sheen.

Finally, Sapphire is inexpensive in colors like violet, dark gray, orange, yellow, pink and black.  The Virgo Birthstones in diverse colors are known as “Fancy Sapphire”. These stones are available in the market in affording price.